Astounding Science Fiction February 1950 - December 1951, Run of 23 Sequential Complete Issues
Astounding Science Fiction February 1950 - December 1951, Run of 23 Sequential Complete Issues

Astounding Science Fiction February 1950 - December 1951, Run of 23 Sequential Complete Issues

Softcover, New York: Street & Smith, 1950. Very Good. 23 Complete issues of Astounding Science Fiction. February 1950 through December 1951.

Includes the complete serialized novels: To The Stars by L. Ron Hubbard; The Wizards of Lin by A. E. Van Vogt; The Hand of Zei by L. Sprague de Camp; Iceworld by Hal Clement.

Includes the short novel: The Hunting Season by Frank M. Robinson.

Includes the novelettes: Dune Roller by J. C. May; Implode and Peddle by H. B. Fyfe; Day of the Moron by H. Beam Piper; Untitled Story by Frank M. Robinson; The Universe Between by Alan E. Nourse; City of the Phoenix by M. C. Pease; The Soul-Empty Ones by Walter M. Miller Jr; The Bodyguard by Vernon W. Glasser; The End of the Line by James H. Schmitz; The Greatest Invention by Jack Williamson; ...And Then There Were None by Eric Frank Russell; Breeds There A Man by Isaac Asimov; Galactic Gadgeteers by Harry Stine; Izzard and the Membrane by Walter M Miller Jr; Temple Trouble by H. Beam Piper; A Stitch In Time by Sylvia Jacobs; Space Fear by James H Schmitz; Philosophical Corps by E. B. Cole; Casting Office by Henderson Starke; I Tell Tou Three Times by Raymond F. Jones; Assignment in the Unknown by Frank Quattrocchi; Hideaway by F. L. Wallace; The Waiting Game by Randall Garrett; Berom by John Berryman; Bindlestiff by James Blish; Compromise by H. B. Fyfe; The Truth About Cushgar by James H Schmitz; Tools of the Trade by Raymond F. Jones; Discontinuity by Raymond F. Jones; The Lion and the Lamb by Fritz Leiber; Paradise Street by Lawrence O'Donnell; Last Enemy by H. Beam Piper; A Pinch of Culture by Bernard I. Kahn; Heir Apparent by Lawrence O'Donnell; The Little Black Bag by C. M. Kornbluth; Incommunicado by Katherine MacLean; The Evitable Conflict by Isaac Asimov; The Helping Hand by Poul Anderson; Okie by James Blish; The Foundations by Wilmar H. Shiras; The Mercenaries by H. Beam Piper; The Sound by A. E. Van Vogt; Promised Land by Lawrence O'Donnell. There are too many short stories to list, short story authors include: Poul Anderson, L Ron Hubbard, L Sprague de Camp, Jack Vance, H. B. Fyfe, Fritz Leiber.

Also included in this run are many non-fiction articles including one by Robert Heinlein on the filming of Destination Moon. This run is particularly interesting because it contains the first ever published appearance of any part of L. Ron Hubbard's writings on Dianetics in an article titled DIANETICS: The Evolution of a Science. The Editors Page of that issue includes a 2 page essay by the editor in support of Dianetics, or at least in support of further experimentation along the lines of Dianetics.

The Dianetics article was republished as a book in 1955 and is today considered a canonical text of Scientology. A later issue in this run of Astounding includes letters to the editor about the Dianetics article - they are overwhelmingly positive, that section also has a 2,000 word response from L. Ron Hubbard to the positive letters.

Later issues in this run contain Hubbard's second and third articles on Dianetics. Also in this run are 2 articles by L. Sprague de Camp that may be subtly making fun of Hubbard and Dianetics. Hubbard later referred to de Camp as "my enemy."

Condition of the issues ranges from Good to Very Good+ depending on the issue. All appear to have been read, some more gently than others. Ships same or next business day very well protected in a box. This price is for US Domestic Media Mail only. Priority Mail and International Mail orders will not be filled unless buyer pays the full cost of postage - extra charges will be required. ; 16mo 6" - 7" tall.
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