Encounter Vol 5, No 6 December 1955. Aldous Huxley, Evelyn Waugh, Isaiah Berlin, Dwight MacDonald.

Encounter Vol 5, No 6 December 1955

Softcover, London: 1955. First Edition. Very Good+. Edited by Stephen Spender and Irving Kristol. Includes a travel article by Aldous Huxley on Jerusalem ("Usually Destroyed"). An Open Letter to the Hon. Mrs. Peter Rodd on A Very Serious Subject by Evelyn Waugh. An article about Belinsky by Isaiah Berlin ("A Marvelous Decade III"). An article about North African violence by Herbert Luthy ("Algeria Does Not Exist"). And "No Miracle in Milan" by Dwight MacDonald about the Future of Freedom conference in Milan. Ships same or next business day. [Item #64538]

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